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Purchase District Health Department COVID-19 Drive Up Testing Discontinued.

Purchase District Health Department discontinuing COVID-19 PCR and drive thru vaccine services on May 12th

On May 11th the Public Health Emergency Order is being lifted. We have been honored to serve our community during this time and to expand our services to meet the need of our residents. Community needs have changed and with the lifting of the Emergency Order Purchase District Health Department will discontinue COVID-19 PCR and Vaccine drive-thru at close of business on May 12th. Our COVID-19 web page and our COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Calculator will remain on our website at use this calculator instead of calling PDHD for isolation and quarantine dates. It will allow you to enter dates based on multiple factors to determine when your isolation or quarantine would end.

If you test positive, please self-isolate and inform your close contacts. Isolation and Quarantine Guidance is available on our website at Please follow all applicable guidance.

PDHD health centers have Abbot BinaxNOW Antigen home tests available for community members while supplies last. We also have Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card in boxes with a quantity of 40 available for applicable agencies and organizations. Please call your county health center for availability. You can also visit for information on ordering free COVID home tests, insurance reimbursement information for COVID home tests, and to search for free testing locations.

PDHD will continue to give COVID-19 vaccines in our clinics.

Ballard: Please call: 270) 665-5432.

Carlisle: Please call: (270) 628-5431.

Fulton: Please call: (270) 472-1982.

Hickman: Please call: (270) 653-6110.

McCracken: Please call: (270) 444-9625




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Purchase District Health Department has created a form to put a testing location list together for our area. Please fill out this form so that we can share an updated COVID-19 testing site list. If you have more than one location please fill it out separately for each location.

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